Audi RS7 Gets STEALTH Transformation

Audi RS7 Quattro Side View

This was not your ordinary paint protection film request. And justifiably so – the new Audi RS7 Quattro is a highly-desirable, sport-luxury hatchback (Audi calls it a Sportback). Car and Driver Magazine writes, “On the road, the RS7 looks stunning. Thanks to a 1.7-inch-wider body, the stance is menacing, especially on the optional 22-inch wheels. The details—such as larger air intakes, a pop-up rear spoiler, and RS badging—are just short of overwrought. It’s a showstopper.”

The biggest change we made, was applying XPEL STEALTH paint protection film. Over the factory gloss gray paint, it adds a smooth, statin finish that is dramatic and unique. The paint protection film has the same qualities as XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS, to prevent against rock chips, scratches and road debris, and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Audi RS7 Quattro Front Top

All of the emblems are were also updated to a matte finish and black, vinyl striping was added to the hood.

For that extra layer of protection and shine, we applied XPEL FUSION PLUS™ ceramic coating. This professionally applied product is specifically formulated to use on XPEL paint protection film. It enhances gloss and increases color depth, improves stain resistance, and has a self-cleaning hydrophobic formula.

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