2021 BMW X4 Wears High Gloss Peace of Mind – XPEL Paint Protection Film

2021 BMW X4 XPEL paint protection film

2021 BMW X4 SUV

This brand new 2021 BMW X4 luxury sport SUV arrived at XPEL installation center in Austin, TX, today. It received a full front end paint protection wrap using ULTIMATE PLUS™ Paint Protection Film. A full-front ppf package covers the hood, front fenders, bumper, and side mirrors. Surfaces wrapped in ULTIMATE PLUS ppf are safe guarded against rock chips and scratches. It also protects against environmental wear & tear like bird droppings and road grime. XPEL paint protection film is the only ppf with ‘self-healing’ properties. 


The Self-Healing properties infused in XPEL ppf works under direct sunlight to vanish away swirl and light scratch marks from surfaces. This is a bonus to ULTIMATE PLUS ™ PPF list of benefits that include stain prevention. A “clear bra” wrap can safe guard any part of your vehicle against rock chips and scratch marks. ULTIMATE PLUS ppf guarantees peace of mind with a deep-gloss shine. XPEL offers a 10-year warranty on ULTIMATE PLUS ppf. 


Extend the life of XPEL’s warranty backed ppf with FUSION PLUS ™ ceramic coating. FUSION PLUS works to repel water, mud, and grime from surfaces. Designed to work with ppf for maximum results. XPEL’s ceramic coating can enrich the color of your vehicle for a “new paint” look. Ceramic coating can be also be applied to interiors, wheels, brake calipers, glass, and plastic trim. Find out about XPEL’s paint correction services by contacting a installation center near you. 


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