2022 Maybach S680 100 Edition Bespoke Interior Protected with FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating

Maybach S680 100 Edition

2022 Maybach S680 100 Edition 

Our shop floor at XPEL Austin is accustomed to seeing luxury and premium sports cars. However, this 2022 Maybach S680 is a stunning visual treat. More so when we spotted the 100 Edition badging on the massive luxury sedan. This Maybach is one of only a hundred limited edition examples built in celebration of the company’s 100th anniversary.

Maybach S680 100 Edition interior


The limited edition Mercedes-Maybach S680 comes equipped with a bespoke interior. The cabin is dressed in luxurious Crystal White and Silver Grey Pearl quilted leather. Piano black trim with pinstripe detailing tops off this super lux sedan, not including a standard champagne cooler. The Maybach’s owner wanted to preserve the car’s unique interior as best as possible. So, we protected the interior of the Maybach S680 100 Edition with XPEL FUSION PLUS ceramic coating.

Maybach S680 100 Edition interior

XPEL ceramic coating can be used to protect a vehicle’s glass, paint, plastic trim, wheels, brake calipers, and interiors. For this Maybach S680, we applied FUSION PLUS ceramic coating to its mirror shine Piano Black interior trim and surfaces. Piano Black trim has a high gloss finish that can be difficult to maintain a scratch free. FUSION PLUS protects these surfaces with a layer of hydrophobic properties that leaves a clean surface that helps prevent contaminants from sticking.

XPEL RX Antimicrobial film is also available to protect interior surfaces and digital touch screens. 

Maybach S680 100 Edition interior


In addition to protecting the interior, we also applied FUSION PLUS ceramic coating to the Maybach’s paint, chrome trim, glass, and wheels. This luxury land yacht left our shop gleaming like a precious stone. Thanks to XPEL ceramic coating, maintaining that shine will be much easier.

Maybach S680 100 Edition wheel

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Maybach S680 100 Edition


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