Amplify Orange Corvette C8 Protected with Full XPEL 10MIL PPF and FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating

orange 2023 corvette c8 full 10mil ppf ceramic coating

2023 Corvette C8

This Amplify Orange Corvette C8 Stingray left our install shop protected inside and out with XPEL PPF and ceramic coating. Its bright orange exterior wears full ULTIMATE PLUS 10MIL PPF. In addition, its paint, wheels, brake calipers, and the interior has been treated with FUSION PLUS ceramic coating. The results are a sight to behold as the extra strength PPF and ceramic coated protected interior help ensure this Corvette C8 looks its best inside and out.

orange 2023 corvette c8 full 10mil ppf ceramic coating

XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS 10mil PPF is a more advanced and thicker version of XPEL‘s Standard 8mil PPF. As a result, it offers superior protection against scratches, abrasions, and harsh weather, while still providing the same gloss shine as the standard 8mil PPF. The 10mil PPF is also more resistant to yellowing, cracking, and peeling. Overall, ULTIMATE PLUS 10mil PPF is a more durable variant over the standard XPEL PPF, making it the ideal choice for vehicles intended to spend time at the track or off-road.

orange 2023 corvette c8 interior xpel ceramic coating

XPEL ceramic coating can be used to protect a vehicle’s glass, paint, plastic trim, wheels, brake calipers, and interiors. For this Corvette C8, we applied FUSION PLUS ceramic coating to interior trim and surfaces. The carbon fiber trim has a high gloss finish that can be difficult to maintain a scratch free. Ceramic coating protects these surfaces with a layer of hydrophobic properties that leaves a clean surface that helps prevent contaminants from sticking.

XPEL RX Antimicrobial film is also available to protect interior surfaces and digital touch screens. 

In addition to protecting the interior, we also applied FUSION PLUS ceramic coating to the Corvette’s brake calipers and wheels. This will help prevent brake dust from sticking to and staining the wheels. Moreover, it will make cleaning them much easier. 

orange 2023 corvette c8 full 10mil ppf ceramic coating

Protect Everything on Your Corvette with XPEL Ceramic Coating

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orange 2023 corvette c8 full 10mil ppf ceramic coating


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